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One click to export unlimited B2B leads from Apollo.io. Save Apollo people search result with Email to CSV/Excel/JSON file. bypass 5-page limit for free Apollo account.

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The Must-have Apollo.io Lead Export tool, A smart tool to extract business leads from Apollo people and company search result. Export leads from Apollo Search Results to CSV / Excel.

Export all leads from Apollo search results
Export People with verified Business Email
Extract Company information
Data Cleaning the user name, job title, company name
Bypass 5-page limit for free Apollo account
Do not Get Email (Safer & Faster)

Where you can get questions to common questions about Apollo Unlimited Exporter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you must need the Apollo Unlimited Exporter?

Apollo gives you 10k verified email credits every month.
But if you want to export emails to CSV, they limit your export credits to 120 per year for free plan and 3k - 12k for paid plan.
This means that even though you can use 10k/month * 12 months = 120k email credits per year, you can only export a maximum of 120-24k emails per year.
But with Apollo Unlimited Exporter, you can bypass the annual export credit limit and export up to 10,000 verified emails per month (or 120,000 per year) on any plan.
You can get all available details from apollo lead search including verified email, phone number and more

Does it use Apollo Email Credits?

If you check to fetch email option, and the people isn't in your saved list. it will use Apollo to get email and use Apollo email credits. You can check do not use the Apollo emails, and use a different email finder.

How to extract more than 5 pages leads with a free Apollo account?

On Net New Tab, If you check the fetch email option, you can fetch more than 5 pages even with a free Apollo account. Make sure you remain enough email credits

Why can I only export up to 2500 leads one-time?

Apollo limits their search results to 100 pages.

How to scrape searches having more than 2500 leads?

Slice large searches into smaller searches (< 2500 results) that you can scrape each individually until the end.

What people fields does the tool export?

#linkedin_url, #full_name, #first_name, #last_name, #email, #email_status, #job_title, #company_name, #company_website, #city, #state, #country, #industry, #keywords, #employees, #company_city, #company_state, #company_country, #company_linkedin_url, #company_twitter_url, #company_facebook_url, #company_phone_numbers, #twitter_url, #facebook_url.
If you choice export JSON file, the tool can export all field of Apollo.

What company fields does the tool export?

#linkedin_url, #name, #primary_domain, #website_url, #phone, #founded_year, #city, #state, #country, #postal_code, #street_address, #industry, #keywords, #employees, #angellist_url, #crunchbase_url, #blog_url, #twitter_url, #facebook_url

How to restore my subscription?

Find your subscription order id in your payment email inbox. Go to Pro page, click the "Change token" button, enter your email and order id then submit.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, by clicking the PRO button, and finally clicking the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.


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I've been using Apollo Unlimited Exporter for a while now, and it's such a helpful tool for growing my personal brand. It's easy to use and saves me so much time. I can't recommend it enough.

testimonial Michael Sales Assistant

Apollo Unlimited Exporter is an amazing tool for anyone looking to expand their e-commerce business. It's super easy to use and the results are great. I've been able to increase my sales thanks to this tool.

testimonial Jessie Marketing

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